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Thursday, August 28, 2003
the Friday Five:
My Suggestion this week -- the Five most Profound Moments in your life to date. (I can't number these, sorry. They are of equal importance)

Sitting on my back porch listening to my friend Christian explain to me why I should reconsider the teaching field.

Being asked by (now) husband Craig to make him the happiest man on earth by marrying him.

Sitting by a fire in my hotel room in Michigan thanking the Goddess for what she had given me and making room in my heart for things to get better.

The first time I achieved a true meditative state in my yoga practice.

The process of writing my dedication ritual to the path of the craft.

I wish that I had more to say about each of these but i think the simple decription fits each of these moments best. each is so etched in my mind that trying to describe them to someone with words would simply fall short.
Those of you who know me will not be surprised but probably have a slightly deeper understanding of me by these.
And those of you who don't now know some new bits about me.


Sunday, August 24, 2003
My first Friday Five. woohoo!!
and a darn appropriate one for me to start on with everyone just getting to know me.

1. No Sleep 'til Brooklyn -- the Beastie Boys.
These young men were rather influential in this young woman's life (how sad might that be if thought on too deeply) and many other young people of my age who were just beginning to realize the value in co-opting other cultures after being sadly dissatisfied by the stale and white bread one our parent's provided for us.

2. Gypsy -- Fleetwood Mac.
I was raised a Fleetwood Mac fan by my father. And this video was the catalyst for some of my earliest dreams of hanging out in faerieland and being generally witchy. I adored Stevie Nicks and wanted to be her. I have grown up to realize that it's not that I want to be her, but that I want to be what my childhood conception of her was based on that video.

3. West End Girls -- Pet Shop Boys.
Another influential set of young men on my psyche. The dystopian societal references, the fashion, the gay boys, the beats-- what was not to love about the Pet Shop Boys. And West End Girls was strikingly good music; still is. Man, I wish the radio played something other than crap. Oh, yeah Clear Channel owns all the radio stations and decent music will never hit the airwaves b/c they don't have back end deals with the record companies that hold the rights to any music that has ANY sonic value whatsoever. (oooooh, did I type that out loud?)

4. Love Cats -- The Cure.
One of my middle school students was wearing a Cure shirt the other day and I almost lost it. The Principal gave her shit b/c her shirt had a man wearing make-up on the front. In August 2003. sad.

I vividly remember the conversation I had with my friend in High School who introduced me to the Cure.

faeriegirl - "But they sound so depressing"
gothgirl - "That's because you've only seen the video for 'Love Song' on MTV (remember when they did that -- played videos) their other songs don't sound anything like that, their like, (we used like a lot) funny and stuff"
faeriegirl - "really"
gothgirl - "really, listen to this one."

5. Beds are Burning -- Midnight Oil.
The first political song that I ever really got. (Sun City May have actually been that, but Beds are burning is a better song by far.) Those older than I must forgive me for not "getting" U2 earlier in my life.

I must put in an addendum. not really a number 6, so much as a hmmmmmm.
everyone who has a chance ought to take another listen to the Cure's "Killing an Arab"



Sunday, August 17, 2003
apparantly it helps if you have more, longer posts.
but, seeing as how project greenlight is about to come on this is going to have to do it for tonight.
first test post

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